this video was hilarious 7 years ago and its still fucking hilarious now omfg

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One of the first posts I ever reblogged on FYSE, I love it so much because you can really see that the clitoris and penis are the same thing.

… and they both look like dinosaurs.

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Sailor Moon’s influence on kids, primarily little girls, and how it reminded us all that no matter what anyone says, we can still be just as strong as anyone else. We can fight for justice using glitter, ribbons, and the power of friendship, we can wear pink skirts, we can fall in love with other girls, and none of that makes us inferior or weak.

As for the image, I decided on the words near the end of the process, so maybe they don’t fit in quite as well as I would like, and there are some flaws I would like to come back to fix sometime, but…!!


Boy have I ever wanted to do some Sailor Moon fanart lately. I might just have to do it now. *_*

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kris is actually regina georges mom in reality

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Eugene de Blaas, The Water Carrier, 1908


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watching hercules because

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